Willy Paul's mum is missing! -

Willy Paul’s mum is missing!

More than 15 hours later Willy Paul’s mum is still missing

More than 15 hours later Willy Paul’s mum is still missing
and Willy Paul is out there searching for his only surviving parent who took care of him since he lost his dad.
Yesterday evening singer Willy Paul made a public announcement that his mother had gone missing. The singer was requesting his followers to help spread word so as to help him find her on time.
Willy Paul has been searching for his mum since yesterday evening after she left home for a chama meeting and never returned home. Desperately he went to Facebook to share about the ordeal by stating that efforts to reach his mum turned futile as her phone number wasn’t going through.
Here is the post that he put on his Facebook page
“Please please please.. help me find my mother.. she’s been sick and today she left to go for Chama alone in her condition…. since she left we’ve not heard a word from her… and her phone is offline.. she left wearing black rubbers, white long skirt, black blouse and a leso… please help me Find my mother.. she’s all I have.”

My prayers are with him in finding his loving mum.

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