Bahati’s Baby Mama Yvette Shuts Claims Of Being A Husband Snatcher: “Ni Baba Wa Mtoto Wangu”

Yvette Obura, who is known for being the mother of Kevin Bahati’s daughter, has denied accusations that she is a husband snatcher. In an Instagram Live session, the influencer clarified that she is not dating Bahati and also confirmed that she had seen Diana Marua’s new song, Narudi Soko. Yvette expressed frustration with people who accuse her of “stealing someone else’s man” and clarified that she has been dating her current partner for two years. She further explained that Bahati is not the only person of Kamba origin that she knows.

Yvette’s statement comes after Diana Marua hinted that she had some issues with Yvette, which led to Mueni, Bahati’s daughter with Yvette, no longer living with them. Diana had previously taken down a YouTube video she had done with Yvette and deleted their photos from her social media channels. She later confirmed rumors that Yvette was the cause of the problem in a comment response on Instagram.

Some viewers of Yvette’s video suggested that she should have boundaries when it comes to Bahati, while others encouraged her to talk to him directly.