” Anabomolewa Proper” Andrew Kibe Alleges That Aggrey Sayi is Feasting on Eve Mungai. -

” Anabomolewa Proper” Andrew Kibe Alleges That Aggrey Sayi is Feasting on Eve Mungai.

If we were to personify violence, one might liken it to Andrew Kibe, a seemingly fearless individual residing in the USA. Kibe appears to target individuals regardless of their status, and for some time now, he has been relentless in his pursuit of Mungai Eve, to the extent that Eve Mungai felt compelled to block him across all her social media platforms.

Recently, a screenshot began circulating online, purportedly depicting Director Trevor issuing a warning to Aggrey Sayi, the marketing manager of Odibets, urging him to show respect. The authenticity of this screenshot is unclear.

Upon seeing this screenshot, Andrew Kibe ventured to concoct his own narrative. He suggested that Director Trevor’s warning to Aggrey might be linked to Eve’s involvement. Eve holds a position as one of Odibets’ brand influencers.

Andrew Kibe went further to speculate that there might be a secret connection between Aggrey and Eve. He surmised that Trevor might have started to notice this alleged connection. Kibe emphasized that Aggrey’s significant wealth and status, which surpasses Trevor’s, coupled with Eve’s apparent growth, might make it tempting for Aggrey to try and win her over. Kibe’s claims were delivered using explicit language and contained some unsavory insinuations.

It is crucial to note that these are Andrew Kibe’s personal allegations, and there is no concrete information available regarding the actual nature of the relationship between Eve and Aggrey. Therefore, they remain unverified claims and should be taken as such.