Stella Brenda: How a Wealthy ‘Mubaba’ Deceived Me into Leaving My Radio Job, Only to Dump Me Later

Former Ramogi TV presenter Stella Brenda Ochieng recently shared her reflections on her experience of falling in love and marrying an affluent older man, often colloquially known as a ‘mubaba’.

During an episode of Simy Kenya’s Luo podcast, the 35-year-old, who is a mother of two, recounted how she was swept off her feet by a 60-year-old man.

In matters of the heart, conventional wisdom suggests that age is just a number, a sentiment Brenda embraced wholeheartedly when she found herself drawn to a man nearly twice her age.

The allure of a life filled with opulence, facilitated by her partner’s substantial financial means, captivated Brenda. As he lavished her with the trappings of luxury, her affection for him deepened.

So smitten was she that when he proposed she leave her job at the radio station to become a homemaker, Brenda readily acquiesced.

Her suitor, well-entrenched in governmental circles, promised to not only replace her lost income but also ensure her financial stability. Plans for marriage were in motion.

“I relocated to Nairobi and tied the knot with a 60-year-old man. I adored him. We were together for two years before parting ways,” Brenda revealed.

However, cracks began to surface in their seemingly idyllic union. Brenda recounted an incident where, despite securing a job at Lolwe TV, her spouse implored her to forgo the opportunity due to her pregnancy with their child.

“I had just landed a position at Lolwe TV, and on my debut day, he intervened, urging me to reconsider due to our impending parenthood. He offered to financially compensate me for several months, but eventually ceased,” Brenda recounted.

Initially, life was a fairy tale as their love blossomed.

“I lived in the lap of luxury. Residing in Lang’ata, I was chauffeured around like a princess. However, everything changed dramatically when he ejected me from our home on November 23, 2018,” Brenda reminisced.

Left adrift with no shelter or plan, Brenda sought refuge with her parents, accompanied by her two children.