“I Didn’t Bring Omosh Here For You” Akothee Slams Young And Old Women HITTING on Her Man

Akothee, a Kenyan singer, has criticized women who are expressing interest in her fiancé, Denis Omosh, also known as Mister Omosh, and even proposing to be his side chicks. In a video captioned “Keep off my husband’s DM, I am there,” Akothee stated that both young and older women are after Omosh. She revealed that she and Omosh had gone through his direct messages (DMs) together and that women are becoming increasingly desperate, with some as young as 25 proposing to be Omosh’s side chick.

Akothee expressed her disappointment and questioned whether these women were prepared to be co-wives with her. She reminded them that she had not gone all the way to Switzerland to find Omosh for other women. She also asked if these women had passports or had ever been to an airport before she brought Omosh.

Akothee’s warning comes just days before her wedding with Omosh. The invite-only event, costing Kshs 7 million, will take place on Easter Monday. She also disclosed that she is getting married twice this year, with her second wedding set for July 10 in Switzerland, where Omosh is originally from.

Overall, Akothee’s video is a message to women who may be pursuing Omosh to back off and respect her relationship with him.