Several Feared Dead After IED Explosion In Mandera

An explosive device detonated unexpectedly in the heart of Elwak town, situated in Mandera County, causing multiple fatalities, according to initial assessments.

The incident, occurring during mid-morning hours, resulted in five individuals sustaining severe injuries. Among them, four were identified as non-residents while one was a local resident, as reported by the first responders who arrived at the scene promptly.

Eyewitnesses recounted a scene of chaos, with gunfire accompanying the explosion at a residential complex primarily occupied by non-local workers, including teachers, nurses, and police personnel. Notably, the complex is situated in close proximity to the Elwak Administration Police (AP) camp.

In response to the incident, Equity Bank opted to temporarily halt operations at its Elwak branch. However, reassuringly, the bank assured the public that its branch staff remained unharmed amidst the turmoil.