Explained: Why a fight erupted in an event attended by CSs Wahome, Jumwa and Chelugui

Disorder erupted at Kigumo Bendera grounds in Kigumo, Murang’a County, when the supporters of local Woman Representative Betty Maina clashed with those backing Maragua MP Mary Waithira.

Both Maina and Waithira were prominent figures at a fundraising event for basket weavers organized by Nominated Senator Veronica Maina.

Tensions flared as Maina arrived with her supporters, causing a temporary halt to the proceedings. The situation escalated when Maina attempted to address the crowd, only to be met with heckling from a faction of attendees, sparking unrest.

In response, Maina rebuked the hecklers, alleging that they were paid by the Maragua MP to disrupt her speech. “I am aware that those shouting at me have been incentivized to do so, but I refuse to be intimidated,” she asserted.

As the heckling persisted, Maina’s microphone was turned off, but she remained resolute in her determination to address the audience.

Waithira, who was overseeing the event, criticized Maina for instigating chaos and accused her of exploiting the gathering for political gain. “Our intention was to raise funds for women’s initiatives, but unfortunately, it has devolved into a political arena,” lamented Waithira.

Cabinet Secretary for Lands Alice Wahome expressed dismay at the public spectacle, emphasizing the need for unity among leaders and urging them to set a positive example for the community.

The confrontation between Maina and Waithira, indicative of a power struggle for influence in the area, has been simmering for months and finally erupted at the event. The feud between the two leaders has spilled over into social media on multiple occasions, reflecting their ongoing battle for supremacy.