” I Used to Be Position Last In Class, But Now I’m Driving Rangerover and Living Wealthy My NYASH Helped” Risper Faith.

One of Kenya’s most renowned and contentious celebrities and socialites, Risper Faith, also known as LadyRisper, recently chose to share a glimpse into her academic past by revealing her school report card. In this candid revelation, she disclosed her struggles and acknowledged being academically challenged during her school days.

The report card, dating back to the early 2000s, painted a picture of Risper’s academic performance, placing her second to last in her class. This implied that she outperformed only one fellow student, signaling a period of academic difficulty for her.

Lady Risper openly showcased the details of her report card, providing insights into her performance across various subjects. The comments from her teachers were less than encouraging, with many recommending that she elevate her efforts and take her studies more seriously. Despite her admission to being academically challenged, Risper Faith managed to complete both her primary and secondary education by the grace of God.

In previous videos, the socialite disclosed that she achieved a mean grade of C plain in the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE). Realizing that a conventional academic path might not be her forte, she decided to leverage her physical attractiveness and body goals to chart a different course.

Her primary goal became marrying a wealthy man, and she meticulously presented herself to attract affluent suitors. Among the many admirers, she found her perfect match and the love of her life, Brayo. Risper and Brian commenced a relationship that transformed her life positively. Since his entrance into her life, Risper has experienced a remarkable transformation and is now the wife of a prosperous man.

Brian’s generosity manifested in tangible ways, as he gifted her a Range Rover and a multimillion-dollar mansion in Kitsuru, an upscale estate on the outskirts of Nairobi. This drastic change in Risper’s circumstances, from being near the bottom of her class to living a luxurious lifestyle, underscores the influence of factors beyond formal education in shaping her success. For Risper Faith, beauty and charisma have played pivotal roles in realizing her dreams, proving that one’s journey to success can take unexpected and unconventional paths.