Supermarket closed over an erection-causing spider bitting customers

A supermarket located in Austria was compelled to evacuate its premises following the sighting of a venomous Brazilian wandering spider amidst a shipment of bananas. This spider species is notorious for its ability to induce prolonged and agonizing erections through its venom, a characteristic documented by Live Science.

The venom of the Brazilian wandering spider triggers an extended erection that can persist for hours. The gravity of this situation lies in the potential for enduring discomfort caused by the venom’s toxins, particularly for male individuals who fall victim to it.

The Penny shop situated in Krems an der Donau has been closed since Tuesday, as a result of the discovery of a concerning four-inch black and red spider. The store manager, upon spotting the arachnid, promptly contacted the fire department, leading to the immediate sealing of the banana crates within the store, as reported by the New York Post.

Experts from the emergency department have emphasized that this spider species is known to inadvertently hitch a ride to Europe by concealing itself within bunches of bananas. Notably, despite exhaustive efforts to locate any additional spiders, none have been found at this time.

Reports indicate that the supermarket is anticipated to remain closed until the forthcoming week. The physical characteristics, size, and distinctive coloring of the unidentified spider have strongly hinted at it being a Brazilian Wandering Spider. These spiders possess the capability to release a lethal neurotoxin, elevating the severity of the situation.

Renowned for its notoriety, the Brazilian Wandering Spider is documented as one of the world’s most venomous arachnids within the Guinness Book of World Records. Its venomous bite can lead to grave consequences, including hypothermia, blurred vision, convulsions, and, in some instances, even the onset of erections.

This spider species is prevalent across various South American countries and is notorious for its tendency to venture into human-inhabited areas. Its exceptional climbing abilities enable it to scale walls, while its proclivity to take refuge within clothing, shoes, and bedding makes it a particularly elusive and potentially hazardous presence.