Size 8: Main Reason Why I regret being rich

Linet Munyali, famously recognized as Size 8, has candidly shared the impact of wealth and fame on her life, acknowledging that it led to the erosion of genuine friendships. As the mother of Wambo, she reflected on a three-year period during which she soared to the pinnacle of her career, propelled by the success of hit songs that established her as a prominent figure in the music industry.

During a recent interview, Size 8 emphasized a profound realization that money does not equate to everything in life. She recounted how the acquisition of wealth and fame came at the cost of losing authentic love, inner peace, and encountering a lack of genuine acceptance from others. The weight of stress compelled her to turn to alcohol, and at one juncture, she found herself alone in a club during the early morning hours.

The isolation and loneliness of the lifestyle she had embraced became evident, prompting her to question the depth of love she received from those around her. Despite widespread admiration, she pondered the authenticity of the affection directed her way.

Size 8, however, faced skepticism about her potential success in the gospel music industry when embarking on a new beginning. To hedge her bets, she ventured into a business to safeguard her financial stability in case her music career did not flourish.

A significant hurdle in Size 8’s journey was her health, marked by struggles with ulcers and high blood pressure. At times, she adopted a low profile due to these challenges, emphasizing that such trials served as disciplining experiences. Tragically, she revealed the heart-wrenching loss of two children attributable to high blood pressure.

Between 2015 and 2023, Size 8 found herself in a cycle of hospital visits, grappling with health issues. However, she now asserts that she has fully recovered, signaling a triumphant return from the physical and emotional trials she faced.