“Church Never Helped Me But Clubs Did” Kikuyu Musician Wachuka Muchendu Says,,

If you’re a frequent visitor of social media, chances are you’ve encountered Wachuka Muchendu at some juncture. This notable Kikuyu artist remains firmly rooted, impervious to the distractions presented by critics. Not too long ago, she was live on an interview platform, delving into her musical journey and matters of the heart.

In the realm of music, her odyssey commenced during her college years around 2019. However, due to financial constraints, her college aspirations were curtailed, leading her to withdraw. This pivot in her life directed her to her cousin’s abode, where she found solace. It was during this phase that she unveiled her inaugural cover song. Inquiring about her shift from the church environment to performing in clubs, she recounted her reasons.

According to her, the church environment proved to be inhabited by individuals whose actions contradicted their kind words. Though they acknowledged her talent, practical support was conspicuously absent. Upon embracing the realm of Kikuyu secular music and delivering performances in clubs, her narrative underwent a transformation. Encounters shifted, and she began to connect with individuals genuinely willing to bolster her artistic aptitude. She revealed instances where people not only praised her talent but also backed their words by financing the recording of a song or two.