Winnie Keranta Wants 150K Girlfriend Allowance Monthly To Have kids with boyfriend Flaqo Raz

Content creator Winnie Keranta, popularly known as Keranta, recently disclosed her aspiration to start a family with her partner and fellow content creator, Erastus Ayieko Otieno, aka Flaqo. However, she has laid down a significant condition for this decision.

Known for her confidence and style, Keranta has voiced her desire for an increase in her monthly financial support from Flaqo before considering parenthood. The couple has been together for the past three years.

Currently, Flaqo provides Keranta with a monthly allowance of Kshs 60,000. However, Keranta is requesting this amount to be raised to Kshs 150,000 per month, more than doubling the current allocation.

This revelation unfolded during a conversation initiated by fellow content creators, Terrence Creative and his wife, Milly Chebby.

Milly Chebby noted that Keranta receives a Kshs 60,000 girlfriend allowance and proposed that Terrence Creative should provide a “wife allowance” surpassing this amount. Milly justified her stance by pointing out that she had already given birth to a child for her partner, whereas Keranta had not yet done so for Flaqo.

Terrence Creative, however, countered this suggestion by explaining that Keranta received financial support because she and Flaqo had not yet started a family. With the prospect of children, the dynamics and responsibilities were likely to change, potentially rendering the girlfriend allowance unnecessary.

In response to this conversation, Keranta shared it on her Instagram stories and lightheartedly invited Flaqo to join in. She quoted Terrence’s statement about having a child and Milly’s proposal for an allowance exceeding Kshs 60,000. Keranta humorously suggested that Kshs 150,000 would be a suitable amount for her.

This intriguing development has sparked significant interest in the realm of content creators and their relationships. Fans are eagerly awaiting Flaqo’s response to Keranta’s condition.