Kennedy Rapudo: I am rich to an extent I have bought my eight-year-old child a car

Kennedy Rapudo, often introduced by his partner Amber Ray as a person of substantial means, has once again showcased his affluence by recounting his commitment to providing a lavish lifestyle for his child.

Prior to his relationship with Amber Ray, Rapudo had a child with another woman. Despite the separation from the child’s mother, he remains dedicated to ensuring that their offspring enjoys a life of comfort, largely funded by his undisclosed wealth.

In an interview with Mungai Eve, Rapudo disclosed that their child is now eight years old, and he has gone to great lengths to secure a life of luxury for them. Rapudo proudly shared that he purchased a car for his child’s transportation to school and even hired a dedicated driver for their convenience.

“On September 12th, my child celebrates their birthday. I made a special arrangement by buying a car for their school commute, and I’ve also employed a chauffeur to ensure their safe transportation to and from their mother’s residence,” Rapudo confidently declared.

He further emphasized his commitment by covering all educational expenses for his child. He also explained that due to the logistics of his child’s living situation, the school’s bus service was unable to reach their location, prompting him to travel to Mombasa to purchase the car, which is valued at approximately 830,000 shillings. Additionally, Rapudo ensures that the driver is compensated on a monthly basis for this service.

The enterprising individual delved into a recent high-profile incident, where he asserted that the child’s mother had denied him access to their offspring. In response to this, Rapudo revealed that he took legal action, filing a lawsuit against her for restricting his visitation rights.

Furthermore, Rapudo disclosed that he is obligated to provide both school fees and a monthly child support payment of 30,000 shillings.

On September 1st, Rapudo stated that he forwarded a voucher worth 130,000 shillings for household expenses. However, he encountered resistance as the child’s mother returned the voucher, expressing her preference for cash instead.

“I extended a voucher valued at 130,000 shillings, but she declined it, opting for cash instead,” Rapudo recounted.