Salasya Is Still Hitting On Newly Engaged Linet Toto -

Salasya Is Still Hitting On Newly Engaged Linet Toto

Despite Bomet women representative Linet Toto getting engaged to a man called Nifty Kim on Valentine’s Day, MP Peter Salasya is not giving up on his pursuit of her.

He recently shared a photoshopped image of him and Toto getting married, inviting her to his hometown for his coronation as a youth leader and even promising to make her his running mate for the presidency in the future. However, according to The Nairobian,

Toto may not be exclusive with her new fiancé as she allegedly has two other men on the side fighting for her heart. One is a bodaboda man who helped her campaign while the other is her ex-boyfriend, Nakiko Korir.

On the other hand, Toto’s fiancé, Nifty Kim, is facing scrutiny as online DCIs revealed that he may have been previously married with three children. Despite this, he penned a sweet message to Toto, expressing his excitement for their future together.