“I gave you my virgin*ty but you despised me” – Paula Kajala bitterly tells ex-lover Rayvanny -

“I gave you my virgin*ty but you despised me” – Paula Kajala bitterly tells ex-lover Rayvanny

Rayvanny, a renowned Bongo Flava artist, recently took to social media to address his breakup with his former girlfriend, Paula Kajala, and explain the reasons behind his decision.

In an Instagram post, the founder of Next Level Music record label expressed that he was deeply in love with Paula initially, but his feelings changed over time. He conveyed that he pursued her out of love, but as we all know, love can fade away. Rayvanny emphasized that he harbors no ill will towards her and has no desire to engage in conflict. Instead, he expressed his happiness that she has found contentment in a new relationship. He wished Paula the best in her life, while also disclosing the reasons that led to their separation – specifically, his discovery of infidelity.

Rayvanny clarified, “Until this day, you might not know why we broke up, so let me enlighten you. The moment I found out that you had been intimate with my brother, a person I held in high regard within the music industry, despite knowing the level of respect we had for each other, that’s when my perspective changed. So, let me ask you, in that situation, who was playing whom?”

In response to Rayvanny’s allegations, Paula resorted to social media to refute the claims, asserting that it is actually he who has been continuously making advances towards her friends and even the girlfriends of his own friends. Paula urged Rayvanny to provide evidence for his accusations and implored him to stop tarnishing her reputation, stating that the harm he has already caused is sufficient. She countered by highlighting his own actions, mentioning his flirtations with her close friends and even the girlfriends of his acquaintances, and suggested that he leave her alone and stop causing her distress. Additionally, she urged him to focus on his physical fitness.

Paula expressed her disappointment, saying, “I gave you my virginity, but you still disrespected me. It is because of you that I am perceived negatively worldwide. People thought I stole someone else’s man when you were the one who pursued me. I will reveal all of Rayvanny’s secrets for the whole world to be astonished.”

She continued, “You never once considered the fact that people all over the world mistook me for an escort and vilified me? I wish I had maintained my innocence. Your thoughtlessness led people to insult me. I appeared as if I had stolen someone else’s man when it was you who pursued and approached me.”

Paula pleaded for Rayvanny to keep silent, as she is now focused on rebuilding her reputation and proving that she is not the person he made her out to be. She clarified that she never cheated on him and reiterated that they ended their relationship while he was already involved with another woman. Paula pointed out that he expected her to continue being with him while he continued to lie and hide his interactions with the other woman. She claimed to have learned his tactics, which prompted her to move on with her life, and urged him to stop portraying her in a negative light. She also highlighted the sacrifices she made for their relationship and concluded by requesting that Rayvanny live his own life and leave her alone.