Vera Sidika: Our Baby Is Baking Perfectly Despite My Busy Schedule

Just one day after being announced as part of the cast of The Real Housewives of Nairobi, Vera Sidika has reassured her fans that her unborn child is in good health. The socialite, who is in her final stages of pregnancy, explained that her absence from social media has been due to her busy schedule.

In a post on her Instagram stories, Vera wrote, “I’ve missed you all, sweethearts. It’s been a crazy few months, but now you understand why. Despite my busy schedule, our baby is baking perfectly.”

As for the buzz on Twitter after her announcement as part of the reality show, Vera encouraged her fans to be patient and promised that the show will be the greatest yet. She said, “I heard I’m trending on Twitter. Let’s just wait for the biggest reality show in Kenya’s history. This is not your ordinary show, darling.”

Vera confirmed her pregnancy on December 19, 2022, seven months into her pregnancy. She revealed that she discovered she was pregnant four and a half months into the pregnancy and was initially planning on undergoing a breast enlargement surgery. She wrote, “Asia’s sibling is on the way! God had plans for our little family to grow bigger. Imagine discovering the pregnancy four and a half months in, just when I was about to go for my breast enlargement surgery. I had to cancel my trip and embrace our little miracle.”