Samidoh's cousin calls Karen Nyamu ‘pepo'. -

Samidoh’s cousin calls Karen Nyamu ‘pepo’.

Samidoh’s cousin based in the US has blasted city lawyer cum politician, Karen Nyamu.

Bernice Saroni who is currently hosting the mugithi singer’s estranged wife Edday Nderitu and her three kids in Boston called Karen a demon.

She fired missiles at Nyamu while talking about side chicks in her TikTok account.

She went on to classify side chicks into two saying;

“The first one likes to stay a secret, she doesn’t like the wife to know about her presence. She dates the married man and minda her own business.”

On the second category, she labeled them as demons describing them as destroyers fueled by jealousy and competition.

“That one will make her presence known. She will abuse the wife and you are left wondering why aye you abusing the wife? The wife doesn’t look for you. You are a Homewrecker.”

Saroni pleaded with ladies to avoid being homewreckers stating that this kind of relationships lead to lack of happiness.

“If you have decided to be a side chick, you are number 2,” she declared firmly.