PHOTO of CONJESTINA ACHIENG shocks Kenyans as details emerge that she has gone mad.

Retired boxing champion Conjestina Achieng is trending after she was caught on camera tying to force herself into somebody’s vehicle while shabbily dressed.

She looked hungry, gaunt, and utterly insane, an obvious sign that she is suffering.

Conjestina went to her town in Siaya after her fortunes dwindled.

She was quite possibly one of the most promising female boxers in Africa 10 years ago but she fell from grace to grass due to drug abuse and mismanagement of her finances.

Conjestina Achieng, for the last ten years, has not been at the best of her mental health.

She has been in and out of rehabilitation a few times.

She has reportedly gone mad and spends most of her time loitering in the streets of Siaya town.

Here is the trending photo of the former boxer.