Forex ‘scammer’Kenyan Prince who became rich after selling fake betting odds flaunts 9 million in cash

The enigmatic figure known as the Kenyan Prince, whose true identity is Raymond Omosa, has captivated social media with his flamboyant lifestyle, the source of which remains shrouded in mystery to many Kenyans.

Online, Raymond Omosa, alias the Kenyan Prince, has been drawing attention to his lavish way of life. His displays range from using expensive liquor to wash his hands to flaunting bundles of cash, leaving no stone unturned in showcasing his wealth.

A recent viral video captured the alleged scammer counting a staggering sum of 9 million, neatly arranged in envelopes. With each bill tallied, he casually posed the question, “Do you see how money looks?” underscoring his unabashed display of affluence.

In a candid interview, the Kenyan Prince disclosed his lucrative yet controversial means of amassing wealth – by duping individuals through the sale of fraudulent betting odds.

Speaking on the Oga Obina show, Prince recounted how his venture into this realm began after falling prey to a Ksh 3500 betting odds scam. Recognizing an opportunity for financial gain, he decided to orchestrate his own operation.

“I stumbled upon something called sure betting odds, and after being swindled out of Ksh 3500, I saw a chance to turn the tables,” revealed the Kenyan Prince.

Initially, he established a WhatsApp group to peddle his false odds, but the enterprise truly took off when a stranger suggested he expand to Telegram, unlocking even greater profits.

“I even managed to deceive an individual named Elijah into parting with Ksh 102,000 by selling him bogus odds,” admitted Prince, shedding light on the extent of his deceptive practices.