Octopizzo Proudly Introduces First Child With His Mzungu Wife PICTURES

Renowned Kenyan rapper, Henry Ohanga, widely known as Octopizzo, has recently embraced fatherhood with immense pride, as he now finds himself with four beautiful children. The ‘Noma Ni’ hitmaker, who has always been a private person when it comes to his personal life, surprised fans when he secretly welcomed his first child with his Mzungu wife a few months ago. Although he kept the newborn away from the public eye initially, he recently decided to share a glimpse of his son for the first time through his Instagram stories, and the heartwarming picture touched the hearts of many.

Octopizzo’s Family Journey:

The journey of Octopizzo’s family began with the union of his beloved Mzungu wife on December 28, 2021, in a simple ceremony held at his home in Ugenya. The local witnesses celebrated the rapper’s union with his white partner as they exchanged vows, symbolizing their commitment to each other and their future together.

Octopizzo’s children are a testament to the various chapters of his life. His first-born daughter, Stacy, was born from a previous relationship before they separated. Although the details of this relationship are not publicly disclosed, it shows that fatherhood has been a part of Octopizzo’s life for quite some time.

His second child, Zara, who is approximately 10 years old, was born during a long-term relationship with Christine Fernandes. While the relationship may not have stood the test of time, it demonstrates Octopizzo’s enduring love for his children and the profound impact they have on his life.

The third child is a son named Fredy Flaco, but details about his mother remain private. Octopizzo has chosen to maintain a level of discretion concerning his personal life, especially when it involves his children and their respective mothers. This decision emphasizes the importance he places on protecting their privacy and well-being.

The Newest Addition:

The recent introduction of Octopizzo’s fourth child marks the beginning of his journey as a parent with his Mzungu wife. The rapper and his wife seem overjoyed to have welcomed their little one into the world, and the heartwarming photo shared on Instagram showcases the happiness that radiates within their family.

In the picture, Octopizzo is seen surrounded by three of his children, Stacy, Zara, and the son, all beaming with joy. The love and pride he feels as a father are evident as he lovingly holds his young son, cherishing the precious moments they share together. The short video clip, capturing their delightful time at a restaurant, reflects the strong bond between Octopizzo and his children.


Octopizzo’s journey as a father is one filled with love, pride, and moments of joy shared with his four children. Embracing fatherhood with pride, he demonstrates a commitment to being there for his children, regardless of the circumstances. While he may be a renowned rapper in the public eye, his devotion to his family and his desire to protect their privacy remind us that there is more to him than his stage persona.

As Octopizzo continues to navigate the challenges and joys of parenthood, his children will undoubtedly remain at the heart of his life, inspiring him to be the best version of himself. With each milestone they achieve together, he will undoubtedly find even more meaning and purpose in the beautiful journey of fatherhood.