‘I call Dj Mo’s dad to help us solve marital issues,’ Size 8 says

Size 8 is a Kenyan singer and songwriter who is known for her hit songs and strong Christian faith. In a recent interview, she revealed that she and her husband, Dj Mo, have been facing some marital issues and that they have sought the help of Dj Mo’s dad to try and resolve them.

Size 8 stated that she and Dj Mo have been married for over eight years and that, like all couples, they have had their fair share of ups and downs. However, she said that they recently hit a rough patch and were having trouble communicating and understanding each other.

In an effort to try and resolve their issues, Size 8 said that she called on Dj Mo’s dad for help. She explained that Dj Mo’s dad is a pastor and that he has a lot of experience and wisdom when it comes to relationships and marriage. Size 8 said that she and Dj Mo have been working with his dad to try and improve their communication and to better understand each other’s needs and concerns.

Size 8 said that it has not been easy, but that she and Dj Mo are committed to working on their marriage and are determined to come out stronger on the other side. She also stressed the importance of seeking help and support when facing challenges in a relationship, and encouraged other couples to do the same.

Overall, it seems that Size 8 and Dj Mo are taking a proactive approach to addressing their marital issues and are working hard to improve their relationship. Their willingness to seek help and their determination to make their marriage work is a testament to the strength and resilience of their bond.