Man accuses Stevo Simple Boy of trying to steal his girl, attaches screenshots and voice notes

A certain individual has recently exposed Kenyan superstar Stevo Simple for attempting to pursue a woman who is already in a relationship. Frustrated by Stevo’s actions, the man reached out to Nairobi Gossip Club to bring the issue to light. He provided screenshots and recordings that clearly implicated Stevo in his inappropriate advances towards the woman.

Upon examining the screenshots, it becomes evident that Stevo possesses impressive skills in the Swahili language, as demonstrated by his clever and charming lines. Some of the notable phrases observed in the conversation include “niko lombolombotu” (I am deeply attracted to you), “ni neema yake jemedari” (she is a blessing to me, my warrior), and “Nairobi iko gwengeregwengere” (Nairobi is full of excitement).

In addition to the messages, Stevo also sent voice notes in his attempt to persuade the lady to enter into a relationship with him. One of the voice notes captures Stevo saying, “Kuja kwangu tuishi ama vipi” (Come to me, let’s live together or however you prefer). He further expressed his reasons for falling in love with her, stating, “Okay beb, nakupenda. na wewe siku zote huwanga unanitia moyo. Hauna papara mingi wala kupiga mdomo zege” (Okay, babe, I love you. You always encourage me. You’re not too demanding and you don’t make empty promises).

This exposé has left fans bewildered, especially considering that back in April, the rapper had publicly announced that he and his wife, Grace Atieno, were expecting a child together. During the announcement, Stevo stated, “My lover and I are doing perfectly well. We love each other. A baby is on the way. I cannot reveal the gender because that is in God’s plan, and I cannot know. Hopefully, this will be my firstborn child.”

Stevo Simple Boy introduced his wife, Grace, at his father’s funeral in February. On that occasion, Grace took the opportunity to introduce herself and mentioned that Stevo’s father had invited her. Unfortunately, they did not have the chance to meet before his passing.

In the recent past, there were rumors circulating about Stevo Simple Boy dating Trisha Khalid, a curvaceous social media personality. The two engaged in a public exchange on social media, with Trisha claiming that Stevo’s ex-girlfriend, Pritty Vishy, still had feelings for him.

However, the rapper clarified that Pritty Vishy is a part of his past and urged Trisha to let go of any lingering issues so that they could both move forward with their lives.