“I Have Never Accepted My brother’s Death.” Late John De’mathew’s Brother Opens Up.

The sibling of the late John De’mathew has opened up about the ongoing struggle to come to terms with the Benga singer’s untimely demise. In an interview with a local newspaper, DeMathew Junior disclosed that, to this day, he has not been able to fully accept the loss of his elder brother.

Furthermore, he shared that he frequently encounters situations where people mistake him for John De’mathew due to their striking resemblance. This uncanny similarity has opened doors for him in the entertainment industry, securing gigs solely based on his physical likeness to the late singer.

“Resembling John De’mathew has significantly impacted my life. I continue to land opportunities simply because of this resemblance. There are instances when, despite clarifying that I am not John, people insist on my performance, refusing to believe otherwise.”

Reflecting on his time working alongside his late brother, DeMathew Junior emphasized the valuable lessons he gleaned from John. He recognized that music, as an industry, is a profession like any other, with its own set of challenges that can be overcome. The elder sibling instilled in him a sense of discipline, which has played a crucial role in maintaining his relevance.

Despite these positive aspects, he admitted, “I have never come to terms with his death. I am attempting to stay strong, especially since John’s passing followed that of our mother, who had died two years earlier. Stepping into his shoes has been an arduous task, and even in the realm of music, I find it impossible to fill the void he left.”