Mtumba Man narrates how ellow content creator tried to poison him

Kenyan content creator, Mtumba Man, recently shared a harrowing experience in which fellow TikTok influencer Peter Kioi attempted to poison him. Mtumba Man recounted the distressing incident during an interview with Obinna TV, shedding light on the deceitful actions of Peter amidst his sickness.

The ordeal began when Mtumba Man fell ill while conducting a live session on his TikTok account. Observing his deteriorating condition, a concerned individual promptly sought medical assistance and rushed him to the hospital. The medical staff attended to him and subsequently admitted him for further treatment.

During his hospital stay, Mtumba Man received visits from renowned TikToker, Kalausi Creatives, and several other influencers who aimed to raise awareness about his condition. They diligently informed their followers and the general public about the severity of Mtumba Man’s health. Eventually, due to the severity of his illness, he was transferred to another medical facility for more specialized care.

Touched by his plight, especially fellow TikTok influencers, people rallied together and generously contributed funds to cover Mtumba Man’s medical expenses. In addition, they offered fruits as a gesture of support, believing it would aid in boosting Mtumba Man’s immune system.

Unable to consume all the fruit he received, Mtumba Man shared them with his mother, who took them home. To their dismay, Mtumba Man’s mother discovered that the apples had been poisoned. Someone had injected them with a toxic substance using a syringe, cunningly covering the tiny holes with apple stickers. She immediately alerted her son, cautioning him to be wary of any friends who might visit him.

Later on, Mtumba Man learned that Peter Kioi had orchestrated the malicious plan to end his life. How did he come to this realization? Peter Kioi called Mtumba Man and revealed that he had received approximately Ksh200,000 in contributions on his behalf, promising to hand it over. However, Kioi deceitfully requested Ksh5,000 from Mtumba Man, claiming it was required to visit his friend, Mc Xtian. Trusting his acquaintance, Mtumba Man innocently transferred Ksh2,800 to him.

That evening, while Mtumba Man was live streaming, overwhelmed with emotions and contemplating the sinister attempt on his life, he received threats from Peter Kioi. Kioi warned that he would report Mtumba Man’s account and have it banned unless he terminated the live stream.

In a message from Kioi, he arrogantly stated, “You underestimate me right now, but maybe I have the solution for this. You should involve the police, and I won’t tolerate having my reputation tarnished in vain.” This occurred even before Mtumba Man disclosed the reason behind his distress, which conclusively revealed that Peter Kioi had indeed attempted to poison him.

According to Mtumba Man, Peter’s motive behind this heinous act was to eliminate him, allowing Kioi to retain the donated funds and continue soliciting further contributions, while Mtumba Man’s lifeless body lay in the morgue.