Why Kenyans Are Speculating a Break Up Between King Kaka and Nana Owiti

As Kenyan rapper King Kaka marked his birthday on Tuesday, 7th, 2024, attention quickly turned to the state of his relationship with his wife, Nana Owiti, among observant Kenyans.

Nana’s birthday message to King Kaka lacked its usual warmth, sparking speculation about their relationship. She wrote, “A very happy birthday to a significant person who shares in the joy of our beautiful family. May your day be filled with love laughter and blessings.”

Adding to the speculation, Nana removed several of their shared pictures from her social media accounts, while she herself was spotted in the UK, enjoying the English Premier League.

This recent buzz rekindled memories of Nana Owiti’s past disclosure regarding a seven-month breakup with King Kaka due to his infidelity with renowned singer Sage Chemtai, resulting in a child. Nana had openly expressed her devastation over King Kaka’s affair and the subsequent birth of a child with another woman, particularly during a vulnerable period as she was expecting their first child.

In an interview with Massawe Jappani on Radio Jambo, Nana candidly discussed the betrayal, revealing the emotional toll it took on her and their relationship. She revealed, “It was almost like the ultimate betrayal. We actually broke up for seven months before getting back together.”

Despite the anguish caused by King Kaka’s actions, Nana chose to forgive him after he apologized for his indiscretions.