“Our Daily Food Budget is Ksh.30000”Diana Marua’s Househelp Irene Nekesa Reveals.

Irene Nekesa, the renowned househelp of Diana Marua and Bahati, recently sparked online controversy by publicly disclosing the daily expenditure of the Bahati family. In a widely circulated YouTube video, Irene, along with two other househelps, candidly discussed with their employer, Diana Marua, the intricacies of their daily spending habits and the reasons behind the consistently high daily budget.

According to Irene, the Bahati household typically allocates approximately Ksh. 30,000 per day to cover various expenses such as food, fuel, electricity tokens, and other essential necessities. She elaborated that a significant portion of this budget, around Ksh. 6,000, is dedicated to food expenses, with an additional Ksh. 1,000 earmarked for electricity, leaving the remainder to be allocated towards petroleum and miscellaneous items. Irene attributed the inflated budget to the prevailing economic conditions, which have exerted pressure on household finances.

Acknowledging Irene’s revelations, Diana Marua expressed concern over the substantial daily expenditure, particularly on food, confirming Irene’s estimate of Ksh. 6,000 solely for meals. She echoed Irene’s sentiments regarding the impact of the economy on their expenses.

The househelps candidly admitted that maintaining the Bahati family’s lavish lifestyle, especially in their expansive residence, comes with considerable costs. They expressed gratitude towards Diana Marua and Bahati for providing them with a comfortable living environment and treating them as integral members of their family.

In essence, Irene Nekesa’s disclosure shed light on the financial dynamics within the Bahati household, prompting reflection on the realities of sustaining a high-profile lifestyle amidst economic challenges.