Mali Safi Chito: Mimi ni Kidosho Rosecoco Yangu ni Virgin Sijapeana

The renowned creator of the viral Kalenjin track, “Mali Safi Chito,” Marakwet Daughter, recently spoke out about her relationship status and the reason behind her decision to remain single for a period.

During an interview with an online media platform, Marakwet Daughter shared that she chose to stay single for several years due to financial difficulties. She explained that during that time, no man seemed willing to commit to a relationship with her, and she often faced heartbreak as men played with her emotions and then abandoned her. Faced with such challenges, she made a conscious decision to remain single until she experienced a breakthrough.

It wasn’t until her song went viral that men started expressing interest in her and attempting to pursue her romantically. In a separate video posted on her official TikTok account, Mali Safi Chito disclosed that she is still a pure virgin. Emphasizing that she has maintained her chastity and remains untouched, she conveyed that the man who becomes her husband should recognize that he is entering into a relationship with someone who has preserved her purity since birth.

Expressing her readiness to explore romantic relationships, Mali Safi Chito clarified that she is looking for a partner who, like her, has faced significant challenges in life. She believes that a shared history of overcoming obstacles will provide a strong foundation for a meaningful connection. In essence, she is seeking someone with whom she can relate on a deeper level, emphasizing that this shared understanding is the key criterion for attracting her interest.