How Cosmas Korir  a Sh208 million SportPesa Jackpot Winner Invested His Fortune.

In the world of gambling, luck seldom knocks on one’s door twice. For Cosmas Korir, a 36-year-old man, the moment he discovered that he had won a staggering Sh208 million in the SportPesa mega jackpot in 2018, he understood the significance of investing his newfound wealth wisely. Such an extraordinary stroke of luck was indeed a rarity, and he was determined to make the most of it.

Korir shared the story of his astounding jackpot victory in an interview on the Nation’s YouTube channel, fittingly named ‘The Gamblers Paradise.’ He recounted how he was on his way to West Pokot when he received a life-changing call from a SportPesa representative, followed by a call from the betting company’s CEO, Ronald Karauri, confirming his massive win.

“The voice on the other end of the line announced that I was the mega jackpot winner. I had to stop my car to absorb the astonishing news. Back when we placed our bets, we made a pact with our friends to share the prize money, and I intend to honor that promise by still sharing with my friends who helped me select the winning teams,” he revealed.

How He Utilized His Fortunate Windfall

  1. Invested in Real Estate: His initial move was to purchase a Toyota Landcruiser equipped with a V8 engine, a practical choice that had served him well.
  2. Acquired Property in Kitengela: He invested Sh50 million in a flat in Kitengela, which he aptly named “KK.” The fully occupied flat generates a monthly rental income of Sh570,000.
  3. Purchased Another Property: He spent Sh65 million on a second flat in the same area, comprising 96 rooms, including 25 one-bedroom apartments and 71 bedsitters. When fully occupied, this property yields an estimated monthly rental income of Sh820,000.
  4. Completed His House in Bomet: With a contribution of kes2 million, he managed to finish his rural house in Bomet, which had been on hold due to a lack of funds. Additionally, he paid off a kes3.5 million loan he had taken to build the property.
  5. Savings and Investments: Recognizing the importance of sound financial management, Korir set aside Sh130 million in a fixed deposit account. This decision came after receiving a deluge of financial advice from friends and well-wishers who urged him to assess his options carefully.
  6. Generosity towards Friends: Korir shared his good fortune with his two close friends, giving each of them kes5 million. This act fulfilled a wager he had made with his friends, agreeing that whoever won the jackpot would share a portion of the wealth.

“We were three of us, and as per our routine, we sat down and strategized on the teams to place our bets on. My friends didn’t have enough funds, so I gave them Sh200 each to bet on five teams, while I decided to bet on seven teams,” he explained.

  1. Family Home: In a gesture of commitment to his family, Korir acquired a house in Eldoret. He is a husband and a father to three children.

Cosmas Korir’s prudent investments and generosity reflect his thoughtful approach to managing his substantial jackpot winnings. His story serves as a reminder that wise financial decisions can transform a stroke of luck into a lifetime of prosperity.