“Nlikosea wapi” Bahati in shock as Pastor Natasha asks him to return to Gospel industry. -

“Nlikosea wapi” Bahati in shock as Pastor Natasha asks him to return to Gospel industry.

Former gospel artist Kelvin Kioko, more commonly known as Bahati, recently engaged in a prayer session with the renowned Kenyan preacher Reverend Lucy Natasha from the Empowerment Christian Church in Nairobi.

During this prayer session, which Bahati shared on his Instagram page, Pastor Natasha fervently prayed for various aspects of the artist’s life, including his music career. In her prayer, Pastor Natasha implored God to empower Bahati to touch the lives of many through his gospel music once again, as he had done before his hiatus from the industry.

She passionately beseeched the Lord, saying, “Father, use him as a voice in this generation and during this period. Lead millions of people to know our God, Jesus Christ. Lord Jesus, I declare that his influence will not wane.”

Continuing her heartfelt prayer, she added, “I pray that the gospel music he creates will not only impact lives in Africa but also resonate with people around the world. Use him for your glory, Lord. I thank you because Bahati is a vessel, the voice you will employ.”

A video shared by Bahati captured the moment as Reverend Lucy Natasha held the artist’s hands while they sat together on a couch, united in prayer for his journey.

In response to this powerful encounter, Bahati disclosed that the preacher had encouraged him to return to the gospel music industry, a path he had departed from several years ago. He shared his thoughts on Instagram, writing, “Pastor Rev Lucy Natasha says I should go back to gospel music… Because where have I gone wrong? #BornAgain.”

In 2020, Bahati had announced his departure from the gospel industry. Nevertheless, he made it clear that his faith in God remained unwavering. During an interview with comedian MC Jessy on his show Jessy Junction, Bahati emphasized the significance of his faith, stating, “The gospel is Christ. I have Christ in my heart, and I believe in God. God is the reason I am where I am today, so I cannot leave Christ.”

He explained that he had chosen to leave the gospel music industry due to the perceived moral decay within it and expressed his conviction that this decision was the right one for him. He acknowledged the challenges he faced within the gospel music scene but affirmed that his music had always been an offering to God.

In 2021, Bahati further revealed that he had undertaken a period of fasting before transitioning away from gospel music and embracing a new direction with love songs.