Bahati explains why he loves his adopted son, Morgan, more than biological kids

Kelvin Kioko, popularly known as Bahati, a renowned Kenyan artist, recently opened up about his profound affection for his adopted son, Morgan Bahati. In an interview on the Chipukeezy Show with comedian Chipukeezy, the musician spoke highly of the 13-year-old boy, considering him an exceptional child.

During the interview, Bahati revealed the extent of his fondness for Morgan, explaining that he prioritizes the boy’s education by paying his school fees even before attending to the educational needs of his other children. He stated, “Before I pay tuition for my other children, I always make sure to pay for Morgan.”

Furthermore, Bahati shared insights into his unique bond with Morgan, emphasizing that he and the boy have lived together for a long time. He disclosed that Morgan had been a part of his life even before his marriage. He acknowledged that some women had rejected him due to his commitment to Morgan, as not everyone was willing to accept a child who was not biologically theirs.

The former gospel singer also took the opportunity to make a heartfelt plea to internet users and bloggers, urging them to show compassion when discussing matters involving his son. Bahati highlighted Morgan’s challenging past and requested that Kenyans refrain from targeting the boy when criticizing his family.

Bahati stated, “I have no issue with anyone criticizing my family or my children, but I implore you not to target my first child, Morgan. I took him in during a very challenging period of my life. He comes from a difficult background, and I adopted him from a children’s home in Mathare. Even before he entered the children’s home, his life story was marked by hardship.”

Bahati appealed for empathy, emphasizing the special circumstances surrounding children like Morgan and urging content creators to consider their feelings when seeking likes and views.

Notably, in the wake of cyberattacks on Morgan, Bahati penned a heartfelt letter to his son last month. In the letter, he reassured Morgan of his fatherly love and support, despite the negative comments circulating on social media.

Expressing his unwavering commitment to Morgan, Bahati also reminisced about the decade-long journey they’ve shared since he adopted him from the orphanage. He concluded by promising to stand by Morgan’s side, helping him achieve all his dreams.