Key Interesting Facts You Should Know About Zubeidah Koome of KTN

Due to the journalist’s recent successes, we can certainly claim that she is on the rise in her field. Since the station’s inception, millions of Kenyans have counted on her to keep them glued to KTN for their daily dose of news, education, and other information.

She deserves better treatment because she has worked hard for her accomplishments, regardless what others may think of her.

Ten quick things you need to know about Zubeidah Koome.At first, she pursued a career in music before shifting to journalism.

If not, you should hear Zubeidah perform. The beauty queen has boasted about her musical talents in the past. And music, she has stated publicly, was her second choice of profession after journalism.

If she hadn’t gone into journalism, she may have become a famous singer instead. A professional vocalist and album producer, she eventually found herself mired in the world of journalism.

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She’s been a member of the journalism club at her school since she was in the fifth grade, when her interest in journalism became apparent. She entered high school having acquired confidence from the group’s guidance and went on to become the club’s chair for the journalism department. She recalls her days as an assembly organizer, when she would tell stories chosen from periodicals.

In addition, Zubeidah has been with KTN for well over a decade.

It was in January of 2007 that Zubeidah began her internship at The Standard Group. She had no clue that this position would launch her into a successful and long-lasting career.

Three months after starting her internship, Zubeidah was offered a full-time position with the media company. Even better, she was hired on full-time by the firm in 2009, making her a permanent fixture.

Due to her diligence and dependability, she was promoted to senior reporter after only a few months on the job. The journalist’s career took off in 2012 when KTN’s LEO station promoted her to headline its political news program. At the moment, she is well-known for her work at KTN LEO as a producer and Kiswahili news anchor.

Nazarene University provided the necessary education for her to move forward.

Nazarene University is where Zubeidah Koome earned both her BA and MA degrees. Before starting at the University of Nairobi, she studied at the Kenya School of Professional Studies in Parklands.

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The host attended Shang’ Tao Media Arts College after finishing up at Crossworld Institute. This master’s thesis in journalism was Zubeda’s culminating project at Nazarene.

Her experience at Africa Nazarene University in Nairobi where she focused on Peace and Conflict Resolution Studies is highlighted in her résumé.

In addition, she has been attending graduate school for the study of governance with an emphasis on international security and peace. As for the second group, she is included among Kenyan presenters who have earned Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees.

As for moving to Nairobi, she had no plans to do so.

Being raised in the neighbouring community of Meru made Zubeidah’s 2002 relocation to Nairobi, Kenya challenging. It was difficult for her to uproot her family and go to Nairobi, and she already had some unfavorable impressions of the city.

Nairobi caused a flood of scary pictures to flood her thoughts.

She imagined the worst case scenario because she had heard so many stories about peer pressure, rape, and criminal activities. With issues like these, she began to wonder if it had been smart to relocate to Nairobi at all.

It was at the Tea Room that Zubeidah’s companion picked her up after the longest trek she had ever experienced. Her early years were spent in isolation at the Ngara hostel due to her origins in a rural area.

Her Nairobi-based pals were the ones who first took her out clubbing and on the town.

Despite her mother’s restrictions, Zubeidah was able to partake in the city of Nairobi’s enticing delights while she was a student there. She had decent dance skills but had never tried them out at a bar or club. Zubeidah’s friends were responsible for introducing her to dance music.

Although she initially drank Sprite, she soon converted to.

When she finally gave in and tried Sprite and Smirnoff Red Ice, she became a die-hard supporter. Zubeidah may have tried alcohol for the first time because of his friends’ insistence that it’s just a different taste of Coke. She joked that she always gets thrown off by the first drink of alcohol and spends the next morning in bed.

She was just six when she was taken from her mother and raised by a nanny.

The first time Zubeidah traveled away from Meru, she was escorted by her worried parents. She had not yet adjusted to city life, and she was a country bumpkin at heart. The city scared Zubeidah’s mother, so she left her with the caretaker at the college life home she was staying in.

The narrator claims that her mother routinely asked her babysitter about her well-being. To ensure her safety, she had the janitor follow her around after school hours.

Her mother, a member of the Koome tribe in Ameru, did everything she could to teach good values in Zubeidah. The security barrier was breached when Zubeidah stole the restricted bottle of alcohol. The only problem was that her mother had no idea how influential she was becoming.

She got married and started working in the same year she turned twenty-one.

For Zubeidah, the year 2009 stands out as one of the most significant of all time. For all her hard work at Standard Media, she was eventually promoted to a permanent position and even discovered true love.

Kelvin Koome, Zubeidah Koome’s husband, is a womanizer. They’ve set an example of happiness and real love ever since.

Despite persistent speculation, there is no evidence that Zubeidah ever dated South Sudan’s current president, Salva Kiir. The anniversary of Zubeidah and Koome’s wedding, which took place eleven years prior, fell on August 15, 2020.

She had a healthy son on February 14th, when she was eight months pregnant.

Zubeidah has a daughter from a previous relationship with Koome. Like Diana Marua of Bahati, the couple had a healthy son on February 14th. Even though Zubeidah’s family is beautiful, she is extremely private about their lives.