Willy Paul mocks Bahati after releasing a gospel song. -

Willy Paul mocks Bahati after releasing a gospel song.

Kenyan secular artist Willy Paul has once again stirred the pot with his long-time friend turned rival, Bahati, shortly after dropping a new gospel track.

Willy Paul, affectionately known as Pozee, recently announced his plans to release an album by year-end. He couldn’t resist taking a playful jab at Bahati, suggesting that Bahati had a change of heart and returned to gospel music out of fear. This comment came on the heels of Bahati’s recent gospel release titled ‘Utarudi Lini?’ under the EMB Records label.

Over the past few years, Willy Paul and Bahati have engaged in a public feud since both transitioned from gospel to creating secular music. Pozee hinted that his fellow artists, including Bahati, might be apprehensive about his upcoming album, even though he didn’t directly mention Bahati by name. He did, however, playfully poke fun at Bahati’s recent fashion choices, suggesting that the artist had embraced a more feminine style in his return to gospel.

In a confident statement, Willy Paul declared, “Album Of The Year Dropping Soon, Wasanii Tayari Wameanza Uwoga Na Vitisho Baridi. What I’m Bringing You Is a Real Album.” He then added with a touch of humor, “Kuna Wale Wataacha Music Na Madem Wengine Watarudi Gospel. Anyway Si Ni Life? POZZE Ameamua.”

Interestingly, Bahati’s fans had been campaigning for his return to gospel music for some time, following his departure several years ago when he got married. It appears that Bahati heeded their call, as he recently released a gospel song inquiring about when he would make his comeback.

Prior to the album announcement, Bahati caused a stir when he posted a photo of a coffin adorned with a mourning image resembling his own face. The caption read, ‘Unarudi lini,’ which sparked controversy and criticism for its use of his image in a casket as a symbol of rebirth or transformation.