Kevin Kinuthia: I Dropped Out of School to Concentrate on Tiktok and I have made millions

Titkok has emerged as a transformative platform for numerous content creators worldwide, with Kenya being no exception. Among the notable Kenyan TikTokers achieving substantial financial success from the platform is Kevin Kinuthia.

At the age of 21, Kinuthia, known for creating content in the realm of crossdressing, made a significant life-altering decision. Opting to temporarily step away from formal education, he directed his focus towards content creation, particularly on TikTok and YouTube.

The choice to pause his education was not without its challenges, as Kinuthia found himself at a crossroads with only one path—succeeding in the content creation industry. Adopting the persona of a woman in his TikTok videos, his unique approach garnered widespread attention, resulting in viral content and a substantial increase in followers across all his social media platforms.

Within the span of a year, Kinuthia transformed into a prominent brand, amassing millions from his endeavors on TikTok and YouTube. His lifestyle underwent a complete overhaul as he ascended to celebrity status. Despite widespread speculation about his sexuality, Kinuthia has maintained privacy on the matter.

Presently, the TikToker resides in a residence valued at Ksh.800,000, enjoying a luxurious lifestyle fueled by the lucrative returns from his content creation ventures.