Joy as Man Who Sat KCSE Four Times to Earn University Slot Finally Gets a C+

In the year 2000, Maina Muchoki achieved a remarkable score of 350 marks in the Kenya Certificate for Primary Education (KCPE). However, financial constraints prevented him from enrolling in Form One.

Despite this setback, Maina remained undeterred and engaged in various casual jobs for seven years, all the while harboring a strong desire for education. His fortunes changed in 2007 when benevolent individuals recognized his potential and sponsored his admission to Rungiri High School.

Unfortunately, Maina’s educational journey encountered a significant obstacle as he had to withdraw from Form Three due to developing eyesight problems. In 2015, after a hiatus of six years, he made the decision to reignite his educational pursuits by resitting the KCPE exams as a private candidate, overcoming obstacles to achieve a score of 303 marks.

Motivated by his experiences working at Nairobi University, Maina secured sponsorship that allowed him to enroll in Kikuyu Boys High School in 2016. However, he faced another setback, discontinuing his studies in Form Two due to health complications, despite consistently achieving A grades in exams.

Undeterred by his health challenges, Maina moved to another school in Kiambu, where he battled health issues while managing to attain a C plain grade in his first attempt at the KCSE exams in 2019. Unsatisfied with the result, he bravely decided to repeat the examination, registering at Ititu Secondary School in Kiharu.

In his third attempt in 2022, Maina’s dedication paid off as he achieved a C plus grade. However, his pursuit of excellence did not end there. Driven by a sense of untapped potential, he persisted and, in 2023, for the fourth and final time, Maina achieved the same C plus grade, marking the culmination of his more than two-decade-long educational journey.

Reflecting on his arduous path, Maina initially aspired to pursue a bachelor’s in economics. However, due to the challenges he faced, he now considers alternative courses as he contemplates his educational and career trajectory.