Manzi Wa Kibera To Get Pregnant For Her 66-Year-Old Mbabaa

In an interview with YouTuber Nicholas Kioko on Wednesday, February 22, 2023, Manzi wa Kibera and her lover announced their decision to have a child together. Despite criticisms from some that the couple were only clout chasing, they both expressed their happiness with the decision. The socialite noted that they had been dating for only three months and that their decision was not based on any ulterior motive. They even went ahead to reveal their plans of having two children and seeking medical advice from a VCT.

The older man, who seemed to be very confident about being a new dad, also expressed his readiness for the challenge. Additionally, Manzi wa Kibera stated that she believed a wedding was on the horizon since they had already been together for three months.

Furthermore, the man revealed that he was not ashamed to be seen with his younger girlfriend who is 26 years old. He even went ahead to state that he could not feel ashamed of walking with such a beautiful lady.

In conclusion, Manzi wa Kibera and her lover’s decision to have a child together has received mixed reactions from the public. However, the couple seems unfazed by the criticisms and are excited about the future.