Doctors remove Boys’ testicles after brutal beating by Teachers

On Wednesday, April 5th, a Grade 8 student underwent surgery to remove one of his testicles after he reported being physically assaulted by his teachers at school. The doctors at Bosongo Hospital explained that the testicle had sustained irreversible damage, and they had to surgically remove it. The teenager had been suffering from a swollen and painful testicle, which rendered him immobile. The medical team diagnosed him with testicular torsion, a condition caused when the spermatic cord that feeds blood to the scrotum is twisted, resulting in reduced blood flow, severe pain, and swelling.

The nurse who attended to the student revealed that he was in a critical condition when he was brought to the hospital. An emergency operation was performed, and he is still recovering, but currently too weak to walk. According to the Mayo Clinic, testicular torsion is a medical emergency that requires immediate medical attention.

The student’s mother expressed regret for not taking her son to the hospital earlier when he first reported the incident. She noticed something was wrong when her son was writhing in pain in the middle of the night on March 31st. He revealed that he was pinned to a desk by his classmates, and the teachers hit him on his private parts. The student’s elder brother confronted the school’s headteacher for answers, but the school attempted to cover up the incident. Initially, the school’s deputy headteacher claimed that the event did not happen but later changed his story, alleging that the boy had a pre-existing genital condition.

The student’s mother is devastated that her son lost one of his testicles and is constantly crying, worrying that he will never be able to sire children. The matter is now under investigation by the Nyamira County Police Commander, James Mitugo.