Kayole Man Dies After 1 Hour Sex Marathon With Girlfriend
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Kayole Man Dies After 1 Hour Sex Marathon With Girlfriend

Officials from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DC) are exploring circumstances under which a 44-year-old died in Kayole during intimacy with his sweetheart.

Fredrick Kyalo fainted and passed away instantly on May 27 after an hour with his girlfriend, Miriam Wangare Githuka in her Soweto house.

As per Wangare,36, they had been in the act for an hour when his boyfriend produced a sharp strong sound before collapsing on her.

As per police reports, Kyalo who doesn’t reside in Kayole had visited his sweetheart for a sleepover on Wednesday night before the tragedy.

Wangare with the assistance of a friend rushed Kyalo to Mama Lucy Hospital where specialists articulated him dead before any treatment.

Police report, show that the body of the deceased had no noticeable injuries.

The body of the deceased is lying at Mama Lucy Hospital morgue awaiting an autopsy as investigations continue.

Police say the investigations have been handed to the Directorate of Criminal officers.

Instances of men dying during intimacy with sex pill been the blame.

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