” Nataka Dem Ako Na Nyash Kubwa ”Babushka Says As He Opens Up on Dating Kate Thuku.

Renowned TikToker, Babushka, recently addressed the speculations surrounding his relationship with the captivating and curvaceous TikTok personality, Kate Thuku. The rumors gained momentum after the duo shared some lively exchanges online.

During an interview with an online media outlet, Babushka, who rose to fame in early 2023, downplayed the intensity of their conversations. He emphasized that the messages were merely friendly exchanges, emphasizing the strong camaraderie between him and Kate.

Babushka clarified that they are exceptionally close friends, dispelling any notions of a romantic involvement. Currently, he asserted that he is not romantically involved with Kate, expressing that while he personally harbors a crush on her, a committed relationship is not on the horizon for him at the moment.

The TikTok sensation disclosed that following a heartbreak from his previous relationship, he has chosen to remain single. His primary focus now revolves around creating content and financial endeavors, with no immediate plans for a committed relationship.

Despite his current stance on relationships, Babushka left the door open for future possibilities. He acknowledged that he may seek companionship when the timing is right, emphasizing his preference for a beautiful, curvaceous partner. He expressed a specific liking for plus-size individuals, making it clear that petite ladies do not align with his current dating preferences.