Dem wa Facebook: Ringtone Apoko ni Maskini , Anatumia Simu ya Lipa Mdogo mdogo, 20 Bob Daily na Bado Anashindwa.

Dem wa Facebook has recently responded to Ringtone Apoko’s derogatory comments regarding her appearance with a bold counterattack. During a previous interview, Apoko publicly criticized Dem wa Facebook, likening her to a man and deeming her unattractive.

In his remarks, Apoko expressed his reluctance to marry someone like Dem wa Facebook, citing her alleged unattractiveness and lack of etiquette. His disparaging remarks, delivered in a live interview, constituted a form of body shaming and garnered significant attention.

Known for her sharp wit and ability to deliver biting retorts, Dem wa Facebook chose to address the matter during her own live show alongside Oga Obinna. She seized the opportunity to confront Apoko, asserting that he is financially destitute and merely postures with rented luxury cars. According to her, the only asset he possesses is a mansion gifted to him by an older woman, which he flaunts as his sole source of pride.

Dem wa Facebook further highlighted Apoko’s purported financial struggles, expressing astonishment that a prominent musician like him does not own an iPhone and instead relies on a budget-friendly Lipa mdogo mdogo phone, for which he struggles to afford the modest daily fee. According to her, Apoko’s online bravado belies his real-life financial hardships, rendering him incapable of sustaining a marriage due to his financial instability.

In summary, Dem wa Facebook’s response to Ringtone Apoko’s insults was characterized by a direct attack on his financial status and lifestyle choices, effectively turning the tables on him and challenging his credibility.