Evangelist Lucy Wa Ngunjiri Defends Young Reverend Victor Githu. -

Evangelist Lucy Wa Ngunjiri Defends Young Reverend Victor Githu.

Kameme FM Presenters and evangelist Lucy Wa Ngunjiri has come out defending young Reverend Victor Githu after he received backlash from Kenyans who told him to first focus on his education.

Wa Ngunjiri taking Githu’s side castigated those saying that the young preacher should first get to eighteen years and start preaching.

The evangelists reactions came after a follower commented saying that even Jesus first did not reveal himself to the public at an early age.

How I wish the young boy can be allowed to discover himself. He is so much exposed and fighting some spiritual battles that are beyond him,

the follower had commented.

Defending the young pastor, Wangunjiri said that if Victor was a dancer, no one would stop him from joining various competitions but since he is now a pastor, everyone is saying that he should first get to the right age.

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“If Victor is a dancer at his age???? Angekuwa kwa TV with talents contest BUT now he is preaching boldly….anything he said that is not true? Do I have theologians here? This is how Jews conspired to kill Jesus just because he was unique. May Kenya know this day…that Whatever is born of God overcomes the world,” Wa Ngunjiri stated.