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Crossdresser Kelvin Kinuthia: I Can’t Remember The Last Time I Wore a Boxer

Crossdresser Kelvin Kinuthia shared that despite his fondness for women’s attire, adapting to wearing male boxers has been a gradual process over the years.

During a recent Q&A session, Kinuthia expressed his perspective on wearing male boxers, admitting that it seems odd to him given his preference for women’s clothing.

Kinuthia attributed his affinity for women’s attire to his online persona, which has helped him establish a distinctive identity and brand.

During the session, Kinuthia candidly addressed various questions from fans regarding his fashion choices and identity, including one indirect inquiry about his sexuality and underwear preference, given the ambiguity surrounding his gender identity.

“Unavaanga boxer ama panty?” a fan inquired during the Q&A.

“How should I respond to that, guys? I honestly can’t recall the last time I wore boxer briefs,” Kinuthia replied, showcasing his openness to discussing personal matters with his audience.

Beyond discussions about clothing, Kinuthia also shared his aspirations for starting a family despite public speculation about his sexual orientation.

He expressed his desire to settle down and have children once he achieves certain financial goals, such as owning three cars and accumulating a substantial amount of money in his bank account.

“Why are you asking that question? If I decide to have kids, it’s not a difficult decision. Yes, I would love to have my own children in the future when I’m ready. When you see me purchasing a collection of three cars and building my own house, then you’ll know I’m prepared…maybe one or two children. But please, don’t ask me why,” he elaborated, indicating his readiness to embrace family life on his own terms.