Dancer Lit Boy Surprises Teacher Pictured Sewing Pupil's Uniform In Class -

Dancer Lit Boy Surprises Teacher Pictured Sewing Pupil’s Uniform In Class

Lit Boy, a Kenyan dancer, has left many people amazed by his recent act of kindness towards a teacher who was pictured sewing a student’s uniform in class. During class, Lit Boy surprised Joyce Malit, the teacher, with flowers, gifts, and his signature dance. Malit was so surprised and touched by the gesture that she was out of words, and the students joined her in a warm embrace.

Lit Boy shared that he was able to pull off the surprise with the help of the headteacher of Syiapei Primary School in Narok North Constituency, who gave him permission to do the surprise on the school premises. In addition, he partnered with I&M Bank to transfer money to Malit using his personal account, which was free of charge.

Joyce Malit had previously gained national recognition for a kind gesture captured in a viral photo. In the picture, Malit is seen sewing a grade 2 pupil’s dress while the student stands by, wrapped in a lesso, waiting for her to finish. On that day, the student’s dress got torn, exposing her undergarments. Malit, who always carries a needle and thread, fixed the dress to cover the tear and prevent further embarrassment. Little did she know that the gesture would go viral among Kenyans.

Since her act of kindness went viral, Malit has received support from a number of Kenyans, including former Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko, who paid her school fees and got her a new uniform. She has also been recognized by Expeditions Maasai Safaris, a travel and tours company.