Andrew Kibe Advices Akothee To Marry NellyOaks hana pesa and He Can Be Controlled.

Andrew Kibe, popularly known as Mr. Lambistic, has surprisingly shifted his stance and aligned himself with Esther Akothee, marking a departure from their longstanding online feud. Despite Akothee previously contemplating legal action against Kibe, this time, Kibe opted to express positive sentiments about her.

During a live session, Kibe commended Akothee for terminating her relationship with Omosh, viewing it as a commendable decision. He emphasized his belief that certain matters are best kept within the African context, expressing satisfaction with the separation between Akothee and NellyOaks.

However, Kibe took a further step by advising Akothee not to venture too far, suggesting a potential reunion with NellyOaks. According to Kibe, Nelly is the ideal match for her because of his perceived humility and the belief that he can be easily influenced by a woman.

Kibe reminisced about NellyOaks praising Akothee and maintaining a humble demeanor during their past relationship. He asserted that NellyOaks is the right life partner for Akothee, predicting a successful reunion between them. Kibe contended that Omosh was merely on a mission and was not as accommodating as Akothee initially perceived.

Meanwhile, there are signs that Akothee and NellyOaks may have reconciled, as they have been frequently seen in each other’s company, appearing affectionate. Akothee, in a TikTok live session, disclosed her readiness to marry NellyOaks, emphasizing her preference for a private wedding ceremony.