Yvette Obura showers Diana Marua with praises in rare confession

Businesswoman Yvette Obura commends Diana Marua and her husband Bahati for their exceptional parenting to her daughter, Mueni Bahati.

In an interview with Mpasho, Mama Mueni praised Diana for her maternal care towards her daughter and her unwavering support during challenging times. She recounted a poignant moment when Diana stepped in to assist her during a period of mental distress.

“Diana Bahati is an incredible mother, and I want to acknowledge her for it. There was a time I experienced a severe mental breakdown, and she graciously took care of Mueni for about two weeks. You can’t properly care for a child when you’re struggling mentally. That day, I felt truly blessed to have her. Even when it comes to buying clothes for Mueni, I don’t always have to worry; she just shows up with items, saying Diana bought them. She even calls her ‘mum’,” she shared.

Obura expressed her admiration for Diana’s nurturing abilities and recognized her as a pillar of support during difficult times.

Speaking about co-parenting with Bahati and Diana Marua, Obura only had praises to offer. She described them as outstanding parents to Mueni and stressed that they have always maintained a harmonious relationship.

“Co-parenting is a wonderful experience. The only disagreement we’ve ever had with Bahati is that he wants Mueni to spend more time with him. We’ve never had any conflicts. They are truly remarkable people,” she affirmed.

Obura also addressed online speculations about a possible reconciliation with Bahati, vehemently denying any such notion. She emphasized the importance of respecting Bahati’s marriage to Diana and urged others to do the same.

She clarified that her breakup with her boyfriend occurred just last year, questioning the logic behind rumors of a reconciliation with Bahati.

“When? Never! My breakup happened last year, so how and when could such a thing have happened? It simply doesn’t make sense,” she asserted.