Miguna hopes Akothee has a Will & prenup after wedding Omosh

Following her marriage to Denis Schweizer, also known as Omosh, Canada-based Kenyan lawyer Miguna Miguna has advised Akothee to have a prenuptial agreement and a will in place. The identity and occupation of Akothee’s husband have been shrouded in mystery, which has sparked mixed reactions.

A prenuptial agreement is a contract signed by couples before marriage that outlines the distribution of their assets in case of a divorce. Francis Muli, a Tweep, expressed his frustration at being unable to find any information about Omosh online, including his education, family, and online presence. He described Omosh as a “mysterious” man who currently serves as the chairman of the Akothee Foundation.

Miguna Miguna responded to Muli’s tweet, expressing his well wishes for Akothee while also suggesting that she secure her finances. He highlighted the lack of information about Omosh as a red flag, emphasizing the need for Akothee to have a prenuptial agreement and a will in place.

Below are some of the comments on Miguna hoping Akothee has a prenup

@Ottishan: Come to think of it today someone said if god really wants her to be happy then I’m happy for her and if not this marriage could be a possible blow up on her

@EffKay24: I also thought along similar lines. He is in for the money, her money, and the best way for him to get a hold of it, was to shroud his intentions with “love.” For those who are quick to cast stones, please watch this space.

[email protected]Is it really necessary? What will she be protecting herself from? The law already protects her by SC ruling – that sharing of matrimonial property be pegged on one’s contributions

[email protected]They are both preying on each other. May the wildest predator win

[email protected]: Wah I hope our girl hataoshwa. Anyway wishing her well.

[email protected]: Akothee has united Kenyans.

That’s most important. Kenyans for one two days forgot the dollar, the high cost of living, that KRA failed to meet its targets and public servants have no salary. She’s a real madam Boss.