List Of Properties Owned By Ngirici’s Husband

Andrew Ngirici campaigned for his wife, Purity Ngirici, in the 2017 election. His journey to this point in his life is a testament to his determination and the support he received along the way.

It all began with a simple gift from his mother, Rachel Wanjiku, when he had to drop out of school – a wheelchair that became his first possession. This wheelchair symbolized the start of his uphill battle to create a better future for himself.

In his pursuit of a livelihood, Andrew found himself delivering crates of beer to Kirinyaga for Mzee Munyi. This work was far from glamorous, but it provided him with the means to survive.

His fortune took a turn for the better when he crossed paths with the late spy chief, James Kanyotu. Kanyotu recognized potential in Andrew and offered him employment. This opportunity marked the beginning of a new chapter in Andrew’s life. Sadly, a few years later, Mzee Munyi, his former teacher, passed away in a tragic car accident.

The connection between Kanyotu and Andrew extended beyond their professional relationship. Their families had a long-standing friendship, with Andrew’s grandfather having once protected Kanyotu’s father. Kanyotu’s father, in turn, bought land in Kirinyaga for his retirement, deepening their connection to the region.

Kanyotu’s influence on Andrew became even more profound when Kanyotu secured a position as a spy in the government of Mzee Jomo Kenyatta, followed by service under the late Daniel arap Moi. Andrew became Kanyotu’s trusted right-hand man, further solidifying their bond.

Utilizing the connections he had cultivated over the years, Andrew ventured into the transport sector and invested in matatus and buses. His network expanded, thanks in part to Kanyotu, who had diverse interests in real estate, security, hospitality, large-scale agriculture, insurance, banking, manufacturing, and healthcare.

A poignant moment in their relationship was when Andrew stood by Kanyotu’s hospital bed as he breathed his last breath, highlighting the immense trust Kanyotu had in him. This was a powerful testament to the strong bond between the two.

In addition to his other ventures, Andrew established a media house called Mt. Kenya TV, which rapidly gained recognition in the industry and began competing with well-established media houses.

In September 2018, there was an unfortunate incident where presenters, producers, and editors at Royal Media Services and Mediamax were robbed, underlining the challenges and risks faced by those working in the media industry.