King Alami Exposes Noti Flow

Influencer King Alami recently revealed that her ex-girlfriend, Noti Flow, used her for clout chasing and deceived everyone. In 2022, Noti Flow posted pictures of a car on social media, claiming it was a gift for King Alami’s birthday. At the time, the two were dating and the pictures left many envious. Noti Flow claimed the car cost her 1.5 million Kenyan shillings and that it was a symbol of her love for Alami.

Before handing over the car, Noti Flow poured her heart out to Alami on Instagram, expressing her gratitude for being with her. However, it turns out that the car was not a gift, but a clout-chasing stunt that fooled everyone. King Alami revealed this on social media when asked about the car after their breakup.

The relationship between the two had received mixed reactions from netizens, with some supporting them and others attacking them for being a homosexual couple. The breakup was a painful experience for King Alami, who attempted suicide by jumping from the seventh floor of a building. Noti Flow rushed her to the hospital after the incident.

Noti Flow revealed that they have not been in touch since King Alami’s arm was amputated. She explained that King Alami’s family blames her for the accident, which drove her into depression. Noti Flow shared screenshots of their conversations, revealing that King Alami’s family asked her to stay away from her and even planned for her to travel to Canada.

Despite the turmoil, Noti Flow has accepted the situation and wished King Alami well.