‘Naitwa Chira Brian ChiraAAAA’ Mdomo Inakaa ya tumbili ” Flaqo’s Aunt Body Shames Brian Chira

Brian Chira, a prominent and controversial figure within the Kenyan TikTok community, has recently stirred up a considerable amount of attention with his actions. The controversy surrounding Chira unfolded when he found himself embroiled in a heated dispute with influential TikTok creators who had previously supported him during a challenging period. This support had come in the aftermath of his legal troubles, involving arrests and defamation lawsuits filed by Azziad Nasenya.

Notable among those who stood by Brian Chira were Nyako and a group of fellow TikTokers, with Nyakwar, recognized as Flaqo’s aunt, playing a prominent role as a supporter. However, things took a turn when Brian Chira, during a live broadcast, chose to verbally attack these supporters, resorting to offensive language and making derogatory statements directed at Nyakwar and Nyako.

Nyakwar, known for her straightforward and unapologetic content, especially when addressing misconduct, particularly by men, responded by resorting to body-shaming and demanding an apology from Brian Chira. She did not hold back, stating, “Brian Chira, your mouth is as colossal as the rear end of a double-cabin truck. That very mouth of yours gives you the audacity to insult the people who have supported you. Young man, it’s time to apologize, or we’ll deal with you once more,” delivering a strong message to Chira.

Nyakwar’s message was clear and direct – she sought a simple apology from Brian Chira on behalf of Nyako, herself, and all those he had insulted, despite their prior support. However, Chira appeared unfazed, persisting in his insults and boldly asserting that they held no power over him.