KRG Agrees To Settle His Beef With Kibe Inside The Ring

Kenyan media personality Andrew Kibe and dancehall artist KRG the Don are poised to clash in a boxing ring, igniting anticipation among their fans.

The spark for this impending showdown was lit by none other than Andrew Kibe himself. In a video circulated widely on social media, Kibe challenged KRG to a pugilistic duel, laying down the condition of a rigorous month-long training regimen before the anticipated face-off in the ring.

The stakes couldn’t be higher, with Kibe declaring that the victor would walk away with a hefty prize of Ksh 1 million, while the defeated party would be expected to humbly acknowledge their loss and pay due respect to the winner going forward. For Kibe, this bout represents a test of strength, a chance to assert dominance over his musical adversary.

Responding swiftly to the challenge, KRG eagerly accepted, proposing an August showdown and even extending the courtesy of allowing Kibe to choose a suitable date, preferably during a period of school closures to ensure undivided attention on the impending clash. KRG’s enthusiasm for the impending battle is palpable, underscoring his unwavering readiness to face his opponent head-on.

The animosity between the two rivals, mostly played out in the virtual arena, culminated in a rare face-to-face encounter in February, orchestrated with the presence of MP Babu Owino at an undisclosed location in Nairobi. However, the release of videos from this meeting by KRG left many disappointed, as they had anticipated a physical altercation to settle their differences.

In a revealing interview, KRG shed light on the root cause of their feud, attributing it to Kibe’s tendency to target individuals who fulfill traditional roles, a characteristic that KRG believes Kibe lacks. With anticipation mounting among fans, the impending showdown promises to finally answer the burning question of who will emerge victorious.