President William Ruto Talks on how he appointed the late General Ogolla after Bomas chaos

President William Ruto recently elucidated his rationale behind appointing General Francis Ogolla as his inaugural Chief of Defence Forces (CDF) upon assuming office. Ruto divulged this during General Ogolla’s memorial service held at the Ulinzi Sports Complex in Lang’ata, following Ogolla’s untimely demise in an air crash on Thursday, April 17.

Despite previous allegations suggesting Ogolla’s involvement in attempts to influence the 2022 general elections, Ruto’s decision to elevate him to the esteemed position of CDF sparked interest and warranted explanation.

Reflecting on the process that led to Ogolla’s appointment, Ruto acknowledged the complexities inherent in such decisions. He admitted that Ogolla’s name hadn’t initially surfaced among the recommendations he received for the next CDF. However, a pivotal one-on-one meeting between Ruto and Ogolla altered the trajectory of events.

During this candid exchange, Ogolla, recognizing the gravity of his past actions, demonstrated humility and accountability. He offered no excuses but instead presented Ruto with three options: facing a court-martial, retirement, or seeking forgiveness. Ruto, drawing from his own experiences, empathized with Ogolla’s predicament, having himself faced challenges and judgment in the international arena.

Despite warnings about the sensitivity of the CDF position and the significance of key appointments, Ruto remained resolute in his decision-making process. He emphasized a departure from traditional norms, prioritizing merit, professionalism, and competence over ethnic considerations. This deliberate shift underscored Ruto’s commitment to fostering a meritocratic ethos within the country’s leadership framework.

Ultimately, Ruto concluded that Ogolla was deserving of the role of Chief of Defence Forces, a decision he proudly stands by. This choice not only reflects Ruto’s commitment to meritocracy but also underscores his belief in the redemption and potential of individuals, irrespective of past transgressions.